Matt & Kim 2

Die beiden New Yorker Matt & Kim sind die Sunny & Bono oder Houston & Brown der Indie-Generation (es sei hierbei hinzugefügt, dass sich die beiden jedoch nicht ständig vermöbeln). Das junge Ehepaar hat 2007 mit dem selbstbetitelten Debüt zum ersten mal auf sich aufmerksam gemacht. Auf dieser schlicht produzierten Platte voller DIY-Zauber rotzen sie uns ohne große Mühe einige große happy-go-lucky Rockperlen vor die Füße. Nun erscheint das Nachfolgealbum Grand auch bei uns in Deutschland. Aus diesem Grund haben wir den beiden einige Fragen gemailt.

Sonic Reducer: When did you decide to focus on music instead of following the typical way of life and having a day job? Kim: I guess it is about 3 years ago when we stopped working day jobs and were able to support ourselves with just the band. I mean we didn’t have a crazy lifestyle… rice and beans forever! Also low overhead, we shared a bed (twin sized) at the time, and even shared a cell phone.

Sonic Reducer: And how did you pay your rent before making music?

Kim: I was working as a nanny for two badass little girls while doing small art projects and matt was working freelance flm/video jobs one of the radder ones being Sesame

Sonic Reducer: Looking back at the last years, what is your happiest memory associated with your music?

Kim: I mean the day our album “Grand” came out in the states was such a memorable day. It is an album we were so happy with and gave our all to make. We couldn’t wait for the world to hear it. AND it was the day Barack Obama was inaugurated. Sonic Reducer: I adore the lo-f sound on both of your records, especially the frst one. It often reminds me of Japanther, Jeff Lewis and other great bands. Is it something you want to achieve or would you prefer a cleaner sound?

Kim: We love when music has personality. When things get to clean and polished sometimes bands lose a little what makes them who they are. But you don’t want to narrow your audience sounding too out of reach to someone not used to the d.i.y. aestetic. We try to fnd a
middle ground.

Sonic Reducer: The record title “Grand” refers to the street you live in, is there a
reason why you named your record and even one of your older tracks after the street?

Kim: Using the word “Grand” for the song Grand and the album Grand for us was just another way to refer to home. Sonic Reducer: Wasn´t it weird and cold to get naked in front of all these people?

Sonic Reducer: Have you ever been so nervous, you completely blacked out?

Kikm: That is what happened to me. If you watch my face it has this blank expression on it.

Sonic Reducer: Probably a question you´ve been asked quite often. How do you get along being on tour and spending all the time together? Do you need some days off after getting back from tour?

Kim: Ha. Yea we do get it alot. We spend so much time together, that we share a phone and it has never been an issue. Yeah i know this might make people want to puke but even when we get home from tour we still spend just as much time together. On paper we should have killed each other by now.

Sonic Reducer: How do you write your songs? Is it something you both do sitting together somewhere at home or do you divide the work up somehow?

Kim: We record pieces of this and that when it comes to mind in practice or on the road. Sort of like someone who makes collages collecting scraps from all over. Then when we actually decided we are going to sit down and makes songs, we just look through our scrap heap and start gluing together.

Sonic Reducer: And fnally our typical nerdy question. Which records do you currently listen to the most?

Kim: I would have to say it has been T.I’s “Paper Trail” for some time now.

Sonic Reducer: Thanks a lot for taking the time.

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