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Happiness is a warm gun and in this case it always hits. The swedish guys and girls from Billie The Vision are probably the nicest people under our praised indie sun. It´s hard to resist their catchy folksongs, which mix true melancholy with sunny tunes. Billie The Vision sing sad songs with a smile on their faces. Additionally they offer all of their songs for free.

No bad conscience downloading their music to get to know them, and if you like the songs, you can always order a hard copy of the records on their homepage. As a result their popularity has grown in the last two years.The band is about to release it´s fourth record “I Used To Wander These Streets” and bandleader Lars Lindquist talked to us about his new songs and his career. weiter…

S-R:: Talking to a girl at the bar who has never heard a Billie The Vision song, how would you characterize your music?

Lars: Many people say that we sound a bit like Belle and Sebastian. And that is strange because no one in the band knew about them at all when we started. Now we like them a lot, and we did a cover of one of their songs, but I think people make that connection because we both use the trumpet. I’d say we’re a band with one leg in the Bob Dylan mud, and with one leg trying to get out of it.

S-R:: You´re about to release a new record in june. Could you tell us something about the new songs?
Lars: I wrote the lyrics as I always write them. I write about things that affects me in one way or the other.I have been working on some of the songs
quite long, songs that were meant to be on the third record but I needed more time to finish them. I feel a lot better today than I did on the other records and I hope you can hear that on the new songs.

S-R:: Will the record also be available as a free download on your homepage?

Lars: Yes, that’s our plan. But there is so much going on during a release so it might take a while before we put it out on the internet. But someone else will for sure.

S-R:: Your records can also be ordered on cd via your homepage and you play quite a lot of concerts. Is it possible for you to make your living by making music?

Lars: I can, but the other ones in the band have to work while we’re not on tour. But I don’t make a lot, just for survival.

S-R:: When did you decide to focus on music instead of following the typical way of life?

Lars: When I saw the Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert on TV for the first time, then I decided to go for it. I quit school and started to write songs. I was
15 years old I think.

S-R:: What is your happiest memory in connection with your music?

Lars: It’s so many happy memories. But if I have to chose one it was when we’d just finished our first album. My seven years old nephew called me
up and wanted me to sing all the songs for him on the phone. I was at a restaurant and I felt a bit embarrased at first, but then I sang for full mouth.

I could tell he’d been listening to it over and over again because he almost knew the lyrics better than me. I was pretty depressed at that time but that phone call I’ll never forget. It was a magic moment that I often think about. Now he always gets the new albums first of all.

S-R:: Who is Pablo and all the other people you´re singing about? Are these real people?

Lars: That’s our secret. One of several reasons for that is that We want to let people build their own worlds according to Pablo.

S-R:: Looking back on the three Billy The Vision records so far, is there any song you don´t like at all?

Lars: No, we are a very positive band and we don’t want to think in such terms. And every song is like a little child of mine, and even if you have a favourite child you’re not supposed to tell (laughs).

S-R:: You´ve played a few shows in Germany some time ago. What are your memories and are there any plans to play Germany someday

Lars: Germany has been great to tour in. We met Michael Hockel, at Meraklis Records, when we played in Oslo as support act for the Pipettes. We
Started to talk about some sort of collaboration and he arranged a little tour. He’s been a great organizer and a great friend and that is worth a lot. Then
he started a record company and we signed directly. We’ll never forget the late nights in Bremen. Bremen is our favorite city in Germany. And yes, we are coming back to germany as soon as possible.

S-R:: Thanks a lot for your music and the interview.

Lars: Thank you! For once I liked the questions!

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