Giuseppe Andrews

Giuseppe Andrews

It seems that some people just can’t get enough. Giuseppe Andrews might be one of them. The 27 year-old starred in the Hollywood mainstream (American History X, Independence Day, Smashing Pumpkins‘ 1979 and Perfect videos), directed various films on his own (Trailer Town, Touch me in the morning), recorded two solo albums and wrote a book. So, Giuseppe, what’s up?

Sonic Reducer: You once said that you have lived in a trailer before. Is that still the case? If so, why did you choose that way of life?

Giuseppe Andrews: Yes, I still live in one and I live in one because it feels like you‘ re in a little ship.

Sonic Reducer: You have played in numerous, so-called classic conventional films. I wonder, how do you get your head around concerning your own artistic ambitions?

Giuseppe Andrews: A fart is easily fanned out the window.

Sonic Reducer: Do you improvise the dialoges in your movies, or do you use scripts?

Giuseppe Andrews: Scripts, I fed ex them to Vietnam Ron’s shed.

Sonic Reducer: How do you choose the actors for your movies?

Giuseppe Andrews: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Sonic Reducer: If I look at your artistic occupations, I can sense a strong D.I.Y. attitude. Can you explain that, or is it just a means to an end?

Giuseppe Andrews: It’s a DIY attitude that can’t be explained and it just a means to an end for my artistic occupation.

Sonic Reducer: A couple of your previous films were released by Troma. Why do you choose to handle the new movie yourself?

Giuseppe Andrews: Because they wanted to give me a shit load of dough for it and put it out right away.

Sonic Reducer: Besides your new film, you also have your second solo record out. What inspired the record?

Giuseppe Andrews: Mary asked me to make a record that she could listen to on her morning drives.

Sonic Reducer: Can you see any connections between your music and your work as a director?

Giuseppe Andrews: Nothing but.

Sonic Reducer: What do you listen to these days?

Giuseppe Andrews: Liars by Todd Rundgren.

Sonic Reducer: Are you going on tour with the record, or do you plan single shows?

Giuseppe Andrews: Neither, I plan to stay in my trailer.

Sonic Reducer: What’s your new book about?

Giuseppe Andrews: Ask Bill Gibron.

Sonic Reducer: Name your three favourite books of all time!

Giuseppe Andrews: The Client, The Divinci Code, and Cell.

Sonic Reducer: Final words?

Giuseppe Andrews: When in doubt, throw it out.

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